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Electoral Area D Survey
The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is in the process of updating the Official Community Plan (OCP) for Electoral Area ‘D’, which was adopted in 1999.  The OCP is a visionary document that contains, among other things, policies to establish minimum parcel sizes required for subdivision and permitted uses on your property.

Your response to this questionnaire will help the steering committee, along with Regional District staff, develop a revised  OCP that addresses your hopes and concerns for Area ‘D’.

If you have any questions about this survey, please call Donna Dean, Planner at 250.368.9148 or 800.355.7352,  or contact her electronically here.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

This questionnaire is divided into two sections. In the first section we want to learn a bit about you, the respondent. The second section asks for your opinion on a number of topics including natural resources; housing affordability; rural character and future growth; agricultural lands; economic development; park land and trails; sign regulations; heritage; quality of life; the best things about Area ‘D’; things that require improvement; and your 10 year vision. The end of the survey includes blank space where you can provide any additional comments you may have. The survey should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The last page includes space where, if you wish, you can fill in your contact information for a chance to win a prize!

To identify Property locations in Area D, we have divided it into 12 zones, which can be viewed by clicking here or on the image above. (map will open in a new window)

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

Given the increases in real estate values in recent years, there is concern that housing may become unaffordable for some
residents of Area ‘D’;  and for those considering moving to the area. Provisions to encourage affordable housing in rural
areas may include allowing manufactured homes  and secondary suites.

The current regulations require that dwellings in the Residential 1 Zone (College Road, Panorama Drive, Vienna Woods, and
Ward Lake areas)  are a minimum of 5.5 metres in width, excluding porches or similar structures), thereby not allowing the
placement of single wide manufactured  homes. Manufactured homes of any size are however allowed in all other zones
where a single family dwelling is permitted.

The current zoning bylaw was amended in 2009 to allow secondary suites on parcels in the Estate Lot Residential,
Agricultural Resource and  Rural Resource designations provided they are a minimum of 1 hectare in size and must be
attached to the principal dwelling unit. 

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

Those that responded to the 1997 Official Community Plan (OCP) survey cited: rural character/lifestyle; peace and quiet; and natural beauty/
wildlife diversity as the three best things about Electoral Area ‘D’. Preservation of the relatively large minimum lot sizes was desirable at that
time in order to maintain those characteristics and in some locations to minimize potential for contamination of the Grand Forks Aquifer.
Potential growth areas include Copper Ridge, where approximately 800 parcels could potentially be created; the Sion Bench Lands; and
existing undeveloped Estate Lot Residential parcels.

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

Electoral Area ‘D’ has approximately 8770 hectares (21,000 acres) of land that is in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR); which makes
up approximately 4% of the total area. The current Official Community Plan (OCP) includes two land use designations specifically for
properties in the ALR. Minimum parcel sizes for subdivision of ALR lands in Area ‘D’ vary from 10 hectares (25 acres) to 20 hectares
(50 acres) depending on the location of the parcel. The larger minimum parcel size applies to ALR lands in the North Fork, with the
objective of minimizing potential conflict between agricultural and residential land uses and to maintain the viability of current and
future agricultural operations.

The following development control measures are included in the current OCP.

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

The following measures are included in the current OCP or could be considered for the revised OCP.

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

A parks function for Electoral Area ‘D’ was established in 2011, which allows the Regional District to develop and maintain park land.
Lands under the authority of the Regional District that are currently designated for Parks purposes include: Vienna Woods, and a
parcel south of Hardy Mountain Road that was gifted to the Regional District in 2011, neither of which are developed. The Regional
District is also considering the submission of an application to the Crown for tenure over the lands surrounding Saddle Lake.
Creation of a Parks Plan for the area would provide guidance for park land development. A Parks Plan would include an inventory
of existing park land and provide direction, based on public input, regarding future development of existing park land and objectives regarding
the acquisition of additional park land. Acquisition of park land can be accomplished in a number of ways including: obtaining tenure
over Crown land, the transfer of land to the Regional District required at the time of subdivision, and direct purchase of land.

Place a (√) to describe the priority you feel should be given to each objective listed below:

Current land use regulations in Electoral Area ‘D’ do not include any restrictions on signs with the exception of a maximum allowable
size of 1 m2 (10.7 ft2) to advertise a home-based business. Would you like to see additional regulations regarding signs such as limits on size
and number; and limits on location (e.g. a sign can only advertise a use that is taking place on the parcel where it is placed)?

Electoral Area ‘D’ has a rich history; however the current Official Community Plan (OCP) has limited reference to heritage features. The Regional District has through its heritage designation bylaw designated two heritage features (Mountain View Doukhobour  Museum and some of the historic rail grades in the Phoenix area). Would you like to see additional features receive heritage designation?

Describe your Vision for Area ‘D’ over the next 10 years. What would you like Area ‘D’ to look like 10 years from now?

Describe your Vision for Area ‘D’ over the next 10 years. What would you like Area ‘D’ to look like in 10 years from now?

Your name will be entered in a draw for one of the following: a gift certificate for the nursery at Rilkoff’s ($100 value);
a gift certificate for Grand Forks Recreation ($50 value) and two Boundary Museum annual memberships ($12 value).
This contact information (confidential) will be separated from the survey upon receipt.

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